The East Yard - East St. Paul, MN

The East Yard Cooperative Tiny Home Village will be located on the East side of St. Paul at Bush and Payne Ave in an area historically known as Railroad Island. This piece of land was once part of the Hamm's Brewery complex.

The East Yard (TEY) is named after the railroad yard that previously occupied the land.

This unique tiny home cooperative village will be managed and owned by the members and will have 35-40 permanent, on the grid tiny homes.

The homes will be designed to accommodate first time home buyers, families and seniors looking to downsize. A mix of units are planned, from efficiency units at 280 sf + Loft to larger family units at 530 sf + Loft. Shares are projected to range from $130k for an efficiency - $162k for a 530 sf family unit. Projected prices include the cost of the tiny home and cooperative ownership of all community assets.

The East Yard is located on 3 acres of land and is located in an urban area just North of downtown St. Paul. The area is near rail road tracks and industrial commercial properties, giving The East Yard a gritty industrial feel.

As envisioned, The East Yard Cooperative will be developed with a central community center and shared resources, such as community gardens, chicken coops and bee hives.

The community center is envisioned to be a space where people can gather. There will be a large open floor plan centered on the kitchen where co-op meetings can take place, classes can be taught, parties can be hosted and events can be held. Mail and packages will be delivered and laundry facilities will also be available in this community center. The second floor will have 2 bedrooms available for rent for guests.

As a part of the project, the developers hope to acquire (From the City of St. Paul) and move the historic Francis M. Williams House from 656 Bush Ave. An extensive historic remodel will be undertaken to add a front porch and remodel the interior, assuming the home can be acquired from the city.

Community Center

The Historic Francis M. Williams House at 656 Bush Ave is in danger of being torn to make way for new development. We hope to move it to The East Yard to become our community center.

Central Urban Location

The central urban location of The East Yard gives tiny home enthusiasts a great location and opportunity for affordable ownership.

Timeline - The Process

Don't start getting too excited yet, this development is going to take a couple of years from concept to opening. Our current development timeline envisions TEY opening in the spring of 2019.