Conceptual Site Plan

Site Plan Part 1-01
Site Plan Part 2-01

Community Center

At the heart of the village is the community center. This will be a space where people can gather for co-op meetings, classes or to host an event. There will be a large open floor plan centered on the kitchen. Laundry facilities will also be available. The second floor will have 2 bedrooms available for rent for guests. Here is a historic photo of the two homes.

Co-op Resources

If you decide to live at The East Yard you will have the chance to help decide which resources are invested in and shared cooperatively such as:
Community Gardens
Chicken coops
Bee Hives
Dog Run
Shared Electric Car

Green Space

We have designed this intentional community to maximize sun light to each unit and green space within the community. With about 3 acres there is a lot of room for gardening, growing food, raising chickens, accommodating pollinators, or laying on a blanket in the grass. As a Co-op member you will have the chance to help design this site!

Chickens, Bees, and Gardens - Oh My!

Chickens, bees, gardens, and compost aren't just trendy they can help our eco-system and contribute to the production of food onsite helping to keep living costs down. Our design and build philosophy centers on creating healthy and comfortable environments for inhabitants that have durable and long lasting finishes and have the lowest cost per year once factoring initial costs, operating costs, and long-term maintenance.


The East Yard Cooperative Tiny Home Village is designed around a central hub and on cooperative principals which will build community. With a centralized laundry, mail, meeting space, event space, and guest space the community center will be the central spoke in this dynamic community.