My Vision for The East Yard – Tiny Home Village

My Vision for The East Yard – Tiny Home Village

Hello world. My name is Loren Schirber and against all prudent advice I bought 2.1 acre piece of land (that is possibly polluted) a mile north of Downtown St. Paul in the Rail Road Island neighborhood of East St. Paul. I hope to develop the vacant land into The East Yard Tiny Home Village over the coming years. I work in the housing industry and have been watching as new homes being built get larger and more out of reach for the average home buyer, and decided to try to do something about it. Here is my vision for the land but I am open to feedback and would love to hear others ideas too. I plan to post and keep the world up to date on the progress of this crazy development idea.

My vision: The East Yard Tiny Home Village will be located on the East side of St. Paul at Bush and Payne Ave. It will be located in an urban area on a piece of land bordered by train tracks and industrial buildings (and a few homes) and The East Yard will have a gritty industrial feel. It will contain 35-40 permanent on the grid tiny homes that are approximately 250-300sf with both rental and ownership opportunities. The East Yard will be an intentional community with will contain a community center, eight garages, twelve self-storage units, and shared resources such as community gardens, chicken coops, and bee hives.

At the heart of the village is the community center. This will be a space where people can gather. There will be a large open floor plan centered on the kitchen where parties can be hosted and events can be held. Laundry facilities will also be available. The second floor will have 2-3 bedrooms available for rent for guests. The developers hope to acquire and move the historic Francis M. Williams House from 656 Bush Ave. An extensive remodel will be undertaken to add a front porch and remodel the interior. Here are some photos of that home.

I would love to hear your thoughts and connect if you are thinking about downsizing and living tiny.

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